You Can Now Get Poutine And Mac ‘N’ Cheese Donuts In Montreal

If you’re like me, and you tend to appreciate the savory things in life. Like – you would take a slice of ooey gooey cheese pizza over a fluffy and sweet chocolate cake slice any day – then a place like Mr. Puffs – A Montreal-based pasty chain – would probably never cross your radar. Until now.

Mr. Puffs recently revealed the release of new menu items with a serious Montreal twist. Their classic fluffy round donuts smothered in a bed of savory flavors and toppings. Such as the poutine, bacon and cheese, and Mac n Cheese options.

Yes, you heard me right – bacon and donuts together!

You will be able to sample these decadent creations pictured below at their multiple locations across the island. And off the Island, too.