Iced coffees

Iced Coffee | Cold Drinks

A particular favorite in summer, iced coffees are a delicious treat to enjoy any time of year. Made from real, high-quality coffee, these cold drinks combine the delicious flavor of brewed coffee with maximum freshness at every sip !

Choose from our wide selection of cold coffees and iced teas

Iced teas, regular iced coffees, lattes, iced mochas or Nescafé frappé, let yourself be tempted by your favorite cold beverage. Topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, for some, these iced drinks can quickly become a tasty gourmet treat.

With inspiration from the flavors of Greece, be sure to try our Freddo Espresso, Freddo Cappuccino and Nescafé Frappé ; a pleasure to discover !

When coffee meets dessert

Ready to savor the incomparable aroma of authentic coffee right from your dessert ? Good news is that the Mr. Puffs menu includes some tasty options. 

  • Ice cream lovers, we invite you to try our delicious Freddo Gato, the perfect marriage of soft vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso for a smooth, flavorful dessert.

Would you rather enjoy a frozen cappuccino kind of drink? Check out our Supreme Coffee Shake, the ultimate delicacy for iced coffee lovers !