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Loukoumades, a pure delicacy

Have you ever heard about loukoumades ? Inspired by Greek tradition, the first versions of these pastries actually have a very old history. In fact, it is said that those artisanal donuts were traditionally served in Ancient Greece to celebrate achievement. Indeed, this dessert was offered to the winners of the Olympic Games. What a delightful way to celebrate victory !

Perfect for any occasion, our delicious PUFFS are rooted in the authenticity of these traditional recipes, which we've successfully reinvented for maximum flavor. Combining simple ingredients with a focus on quality, the dough of our loukoumades is renowned for its lightness, with a slightly crispy texture on the outside and a perfectly soft interior. Resulting in a delightful blend of taste and texture !

Egg-free, peanut-free, dairy-free and containing no preservatives, these donut holes are the perfect all natural vegan dessert. Containing less sugar than the vast majority of classic donuts, there's every reason to enjoy our PUFFS again and again. Since our recipe still relies on fried dough for optimal results, we naturally recommend consuming this delicious gourmet treat with moderation. But when you're in the mood for an irresistible sweet craving, why not try this succulent yummy Greek delicacy ?

Offering a vast menu featuring our signature loukoumades with the glaze of your choice, a wide selection of frozen desserts, some delicious milkshakes and a range of specialty coffees, Mr. Puffs Dessert Bar is your gourmet destination of choice !