Pastries and Sandwiches

Disponible dans certaines succursales seulement.

Sandwiches | Breakfast & Lunch

In the mood for a good meal on the go to kick-start your day, or simply looking for the perfect never-boring lunch ? The Mr Puffs Sandwiches menu brings you fresh and exciting flavors that will satisfy your appetite and your taste buds! For breakfast or lunchtime, Mr Puffs restaurants deliver freshly prepared local food, with a hint of Greek-inspired gastronomy.

  • Bagels : Montreal quality bagels, always served warm ;
  • Egg Bites ;
  • Breakfast sandwiches ;
  • Spanakopita, a spinach and cheese puff pastry, one of the specialties of gourmet Greek cuisine ;
  • Tiropita, a succulent Greek pastry with feta cheese that deserves to be discovered ;
  • and much more.*

* Availability may vary depending on location.

Already established as the perfect dessert destination, Mr Puffs will quickly become your new breakfast and dining destination, for a tasty and fresh meal on-the-go, always made from quality ingredients.

Discover our newSandwich menu, and complete your order with your favorite dessert, aromatic milkshakes, or one of our specialty coffees. The breakfast & lunchMr Puffs Menu ; try it, adopt it !