Syringes and Extras

Guaranteed pleasure. A SWEET dose of happiness to put inside.

Syringes & Extras | Mr Puffs

Enhance your order with an infusion of flavor with Mr Puffs topping syringes. Mix and match the extras of your choice, and create your dream flavor. Syringes and extras, featuring our popular glazes, are the perfect complement to your favorite dessert.

Get your dose of flavor for :

  • Customize YOUR own combination of the best glazes to go with your favorite PUFFS, always served hot and freshly prepared just for you.

Can't decide between your 2 favorite toppings ? Choose one for the inside, and add a syringe of flavour for the outside !

  • Elevating any frozen dessert order with your choice of sweet toppings among an impressive variety of flavors.

In search of the best dessert in town ? THE ultimate treat to satisfy your sweet tooth ? Introducing Mr Puffs Syringes & Extras, that's the occasion to create YOUR dream flavor, for an unmatched sweet and savory experience !