The category that makes your heart beat at all hours. Our Milkshakes, just for your sake..


Available in classic or supreme versions, our specialty milkshakes are sure to leave a good impression. Milkshake lovers of all kinds, let yourself be tempted by one of our gourmet milkshake recipes, available in an amazing variety of flavors.

Classic Milkshakes : This smooth and refreshing iced drink will make sure you satisfy your craving for a chocolate or vanilla milkshake. 

Supreme Milk Shakes : With a wide range of flavors to choose from, our supreme milkshakes make the ideal gourmet and refreshing snack. 

  • Supreme Oreo Milkshake ;
  • Coffee Crisp Milkshake ;
  • Supreme Berries Milkshake ;
  • Cherry Milkshake;
  • and many other distinctive flavors (blueberry, Kit Kat, Smarties, Skor, etc.).

For coffee lovers, we invite you to discover our Espresso milkshake, which combines the authentic taste of a real shot of espresso with the refreshing side of a delicious milkshake. 

Explore the complete menu and delight yourself with your favorite iced drink. All those delicious Mr. Puffs milkshakes are available in-store, or through our online ordering platform. Now it's time to find out which flavor will be your favorite !