Platter of 65 Puffs

Lactose freeCholesterol freeWithout egg

Dessert for everyone, even the neighbor! Only available when ordered 24 hours in advance.

* Be sure to mention your allergies when ordering

Our delicious flavors

Hazelnut Chocolate

Your favorite hazelnut chocolate spread on your favorite pastry.


Double the chocolate, double the pleasure.

Chocolate Berries

OUR white chocolate with the fruit of YOUR choice.

WowButter and Chocolate

We know what you're thinking, but trust us, it's even better than the chocolate bar.

Hazelnut Biscotti

Add some crunch to your daily life, and to your chocolate too.

WowButter and Berries

Because it's not just your grandparents who can take you back to childhood.

Sugar Rolled

Love Churros? You'll love this flavor.


Is it vegan? OH YES! Real fruits, it's a YES!


It says it in the name, it's really GOOD! You can't go wrong.

Cappuccino crisp

Cappuccino is borrowed from Italian which means "Capuchin." The rest is history, and we want you to be part of ours!


Good cinnamon buns, nothing better to start or end the day and make you drool.

Creamy caramel

Our butter caramel is good enough to lick your fingers. Don't worry, we have plenty of napkins!

Salted Caramel

All sweet and salty fans, you're gonna love it! Salted buttery caramel, just like Granny's.

Honey Cinnamon

The ORIGINAL, also known as the OG for "Ă” so Greek".

Cookies n Cream

Cookies, cream, simple and completely indulgent. We know, even the Oreos can't believe it.


Cheesecake lovers, hold onto your hats because the possibilities are endless!


Who said you can't eat proteins while eating PUFFS?


Belgium has never been closer to you. The true taste of Speculoos, we are completely in love.

Maple Cream

Maple syrup season? Craving it? Reach out, we've got something for you.


The tenderness of a delicious chocolate bar combined with our homemade hazelnut spread. A true balm for the heart.

Sugar Cream

A traditional recipe from all French-Canadian grandmothers who know how to take care of you. We've been inspired by it to make you smile.

Apple Cinnamon

All the flavors of an apple pie spread on a good, warm, and crispy pastry.

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