Ce bouquet de Puffs charmera ton crush plus que des roses Ă  la Saint-Valentin

This bouquet of Puffs will charm your crush more than roses on Valentine's Day

Feb 25, 2024Bofu Agence Marketing

Among the few gifts that generally succeed in bringing a smile to the lips of our better half, a dozen roses is definitely one of the timeless romantic classics. However, this year, Mr. Puffs is offering you a bouquet of loukoumades on Valentine's Day for your valentine and if you were looking for an original gift to give, this one might definitely stand out from the others.

On the other hand, although flowers are always a pleasure, they will certainly end up wilting over time while this bouquet of sweets will be immediately consumed and totally appreciated... Worth it (especially when we know very well how much a satisfied appetite immediately makes one more joyful).

It is also possible to obtain this gift consisting of 12 Puffs for only $15 in store and $20 online, whether in the flavor of creamy or salted caramel, honey and cinnamon, raspberry, syrup of maple or hazelnut chocolate, for example.

Although this idea is absolutely brilliant for Valentine's Day, you can also get this cute bouquet all year round, whether for a loved one's birthday or simply for your niece who just did her first dance show. Because love is celebrated every day!

In addition, if you want to surprise your crush but you have a very busy day on Friday, you can use various applications such as Foodora and Uber Eats to have your bouquet of Puffs delivered directly to work or to the person of your choice .

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