Mr. Puffs à la conquête des Dragons

Mr. Puffs conquers the Dragons

Feb 25, 2024Bofu Agence Marketing
Hello, I'm Billy Siounis, President and Founder of Mr. Puffs. I'm sure you all can't wait to know what happened on the set of the show... Well, we went, we proposed, we conquered... What a great experience! The 5 Dragons loved our Puffs and enjoyed a good Frappé on the board. At the end of our presentation, Jim and Kevin were interested in investing in our business. We ultimately came to an agreement with Jim Treliving, who we felt was the best choice for our needs. After going through a lengthy due diligence process, Mr. Treliving and his group decided not to invest in Mr. Puffs right away: they wanted to wait until we developed the brand before doing so. Unfortunately, after sorting through all the presentations filmed for season 7, the CBC (Radio-Canada) did not select ours for broadcast. We couldn't wait to share this experience with our customers, friends and family. This is why we have prepared this video for you. I hope that you will like her ! Thank you again for your continued support and thank you for believing in our concept from the beginning. Our real partners are YOU. THANKS ! *Billy Siounis ultimately partnered with strategic individuals to enable him to expand the brand internationally.

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