Mr. Puffs offre un menu des Fêtes décadent et tu voudras tout goûter

Mr. Puffs offers a decadent holiday menu and you'll want to taste it all

Feb 25, 2024Bofu Agence Marketing

With the holiday season also comes the flavors of the season. Indeed, pastries, drinks and other delicacies take on a festive appearance thanks to decorations and classic thematic varieties. Now, without exception, Mr.Puffs offers a decadent holiday menu and you will want to taste it all. If Mr. Puffs already bring you a lot of happiness thanks to their unique and frankly appetizing taste, these new additions will certainly put you in the holiday spirit. For this festive period, Mr. Puffs added hot chocolates, new types of donuts and added special Christmas toppings to bring a little magic to their confections which are already quite exquisite in themselves. But there can never be too many Christmas desserts, and these temporary additions will definitely satisfy your sugar craving and love of festive flavors.

Plus, to brighten up your favorite flavors, you can add new toppings of your choice, like green and red candies, crushed candy canes and marshmallows. And if you want a hot drink to go with it all, there are new artisanal hot chocolates made from real Belgian chocolate available for a very limited time. Delicious new flavors include red velvet, s'mores, dulce de leche, triple chocolate, and cookies and cream. Everything is covered with whipped cream and small assorted toppings.

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