Mr. Puffs s’installera au Faubourg Saint-Jean

Mr. Puffs will settle in Faubourg Saint-Jean

Feb 25, 2024Bofu Agence Marketing

The Mr. Puffs pastry shop, specializing in the preparation of loukoumades, traditional Greek donuts in bite-size formats, will set up shop in Faubourg Saint-Jean, on Douglas Street, near Saint-Luc Boulevard.

The Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu branch will welcome its first customers in the last two weeks of January 2020, explains Claude Philippon, one of the two franchisees.

The business will occupy approximately 1,500 square feet in a building that is currently under construction. This is located to the south of the building in which Souvlaki Bar and La Belle & La Bœuf are located. This new building of approximately 4,200 square feet will also house Küto Comptoir à tartares as well as another restaurant.

Mr. Puffs will have approximately 22 seats. During the summer season, a terrace will also be set up. “Mr. Puffs is more of a take-out dessert bar,” explains Billy Siounis, president, CEO and founder of Mr. Puffs, in an interview with Le Canada Français.


Mr. Puffs specializes in traditional Greek donuts. These are also called loukoumades. Their existence dates back to ancient Greece. “Puffs are made and iced in front of people. They are always served hot and freshly prepared. It’s a vegan dough without eggs, lactose, cholesterol and trans fats,” says Billy Siounis.

The dough is made from wheat and the fritters are cooked in canola oil. “It’s like Timbits but lighter because our dough is made with yeast. The outside of the donut is crispy and the inside is soft. It’s so light that you can’t eat just one,” says the founder. Depending on the customer's wishes, the donuts can be topped, for example with honey or maple syrup.

He emphasizes that his loukoumades are sold in formats of 12, 30 or 50 units. The menu is rounded out with ice cream, milkshakes as well as specialty hot or iced coffees.


The arrival of Mr. Puffs will create 20 to 30 full-time and part-time jobs. The investment required has not been quantified. The place will be managed by two franchisees, Daniel Dubé and Claude Philippon. “They have experience in restaurants, are from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and know how to manage a restaurant well,” underlines Mr. Siounis.

If selling desserts to consumers is synonymous with selling them happiness, Claude Philippon emphasizes that he and his partner also like the concept of work which reduces the effects of the labor shortage. “It’s a good system where each employee can replace his colleague. In a conventional restaurant, we will not see a waiter replacing a cook and vice versa,” he explains.

He and Mr. Dubé also want to be able to introduce their children into the business in order to ensure succession.


Mr. Puffs is present at all major festivals in Montreal. Billy Siounis says that one of his chain's mobile kiosks will be present next year at the International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Mr. Puffs has 15 branches in Quebec, including one in Quartier DIX30. Sainte-Julie and Pointe-aux-Trembles will have theirs soon. That of Saint-Jérôme should open approximately at the same time as that of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Mr. Siounis, who founded his company in 2004, aims to have around thirty addresses in Quebec. It will open a branch in November in Florida. In addition, Ottawa and Toronto will also have theirs.

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