Tu peux te faire livrer de délicieux Mr. Puffs aux cocos de Pâques

You can have delicious Easter Coconut Mr. Puffs delivered to you

Feb 25, 2024Bofu Agence Marketing
When it comes to dessert, Mr. Puffs have quietly become a must-have in recent years. With new branches springing up everywhere, the success of these delights is undeniable and if you're waiting for a reason to order some, know that you can have Easter Coconut Mr. Puffs delivered to you for a limited time.

During the month of April, Easter coconuts like Mini Eggs and Eggies are king and infiltrate a multitude of desserts. Ice cream, cookie dough, donuts and many other sweets have benefited from the popularity of these themed chocolates and Mr. Puffs are joining the dance.

If you're a fan of these little fried pastries, you definitely don't need a reason to indulge, but it's always nice to be able to justify a third box in a week with a new limited filling, right?

So, thanks to Uber Eats, you can have Easter Cocos items delivered to all branches excluding the DIX30, Marché Central and Saint-Eustache branches.

If Uber doesn't deliver to your home, there's always the option to call to place a takeout order.

And if you feel like it, there is also Mount Olympus, which consists of five puffs and Greek yogurt or ice cream and milkshakes which are available with the new themed topping.

For a box of 33 pieces, the price is $16 and an extra $2 is added for the topping.

The Mont Olympe combos and milkshakes are $7 and you also have to add a small $2 for the Easter coconuts.

This special topping isn't here to stay, but you still have until April 30 to enjoy it.

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